The guitarwrist

The guitarwrist is a not-for-profit company. 100% of the profits from each sale go to the Artist’s charity of choice.

The guitarwrist make bespoke bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings from artists used guitar strings and plectrums, all hand made in the UK by Emma Hedley Jewellery and Breakbeat Jewellery. These items have both an emotional and physical connection to the Artist and fan.

Around 95% of the components from the strings we receive will be used to create the jewellery pieces, thus reducing the amount of strings metal that normally ends up in landfill.

Their history start back in 200, when his founder took time out to look at more ethical and social enterprise ventures.

One of the things he noticed was that guitar strings and consumables were one of the biggest expenses to artists yet once they were used they were just discarded and binned.

To make matters worse, he found that virtually all used guitar strings ended up in landfill. Yes, some bits were recycled, but the vast majority weren’t.

So the initial idea came about of The guitarwrist which is to get artists to donate their used guitar strings to their where they can turn these into amazing pieces of jewellery that have both an emotional and a physical connection with a great guitarist or bassist and the fan!

This idea bumbled along, and other projects got in the way, but a couple of years ago his founder re-ignited the idea and contacted a number of guitarists, and they all loved the idea, especially as they’ve worked on the model so that the profits from the sale of the bracelets, rings and necklaces go to the Artist’s charity of choice.

The guitarwrist also spent time researching what the fans wanted and how best to help the charities and who could produce the products.

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