The Surfer Kids NON-Profit

The Surfer Kids is a registered Non-Profit Organisation 136-987 NPO. Our mission is to “empower marginalised youths through surfing”. THE SURFER KIDS CORE SURF PROGRAMME has been offering free surf lessons to the marginalised youths in the Southern Cape of South Africa since November 2010. Our Core Surfing Programme is based at Diaz Beach in Mossel Bay. The primary focus of our CORE SURF PROGRAMME is introducing young children to surfing. Surfing isn’t otherwise normally practised in Friemersheim, or any of the other surrounding marginalised communities. The children are introduced to surfing as a healthy way of having fun! As the children grow within the programme they are encouraged to progress. To paddle to the back-line and surf bigger and better waves. This is no easy task, as anyone who’s ever tried surfing will know. Learning to paddle and catch waves takes a lot of hard work. But the reward of riding waves is one of the best feelings a human being can experience !!! This allows for the unique medium of surfing to teach one of the most fundamental and empowering life skills of all: Life may be full of limitations. BUT, by working towards a goal, with commitment, one can accomplish incredible things. Despite our limitations, whatever they may be, as long as we have great goals, if we’re prepared to work for it, we can achieve what we’ve only ever dreamt of. And more. This is the message of hope and empowerment around which we structure our entire programme.

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