Wings 4 Humanity

Wings for Humanity is a humanitarian aid organization that supports isolated communities in a variety of ways: medical evacuations; medical outreach, such as vaccinations and general clinics; dental outreach; lifestyle and health programs. Wings for Humanity provides aviation and communication support to those serving the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the unreached and forgotten peoples of the earth. Their vision is to become the leading partner in providing aviation support to those serving at-risk people regardless of ethnicity, political or religious association. The Vision Project is a combination of five different areas: Aviation, Education, Disaster Response, Music, and Multimedia. The Vision Project operates under the umbrella of Wings For Humanity (W4H). W4H is a Non-Profit, Non-Religious humanitarian aid organization focused on reaching the people in the far corners of the earth. Through aviation W4H works in areas of the world where traditional transportation is not available. W4H has been saving thousands of lives with the use of aircraft, regularly flying medical personal, medications, and supplies into areas that have medical needs, while also supplying clean water, food, and other necessary supplies to deprived remote locations. W4H has delivered over 2,000,000 pounds of supplies and flown over 8,000,000 air miles. W4H has stopped more than 35 epidemics and aided over 43,000 people from 68 nations while involving and inspiring over 5,000 youth. W4H has also given over 2000 emergency med-evac flights both in the US and overseas. Adventist World Aviation (AWA) is a non-profit religious organization that seeks to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people and places possible. Click here to read about what Adventists believe. W4H was born from AWA with the idea to separate the religious and humanitarian aspects of the work. AWA believes that Christ calls us to meet the needs of humanity without the pressures and agenda of religion. That our lives and testimony are enough to lead humanity towards God and uplift Jesus through our actions. Because of this separation, W4H is able to work with different non-profits, and religious entities without compromising its mission to fill needs.

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