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Ubuntu Synergy gives rise to unique initiatives that create unity, foster community and motivates affiliates. Teaching how to generate residual revenue, while caring for the world around us. We also facilitate events and CAUSESynergy Locations worldwide.

Executive Overview

Improving the lives of people living in underserved areas, by injecting new life into stagnating regional airports and surrounding buildings. Invigorating local businesses and creating employment opportunities. Rural communities are uplifted by upgrading existing infrastructure, installing better technology and providing basic healthcare services to low-income households. The CAUSESynergy initiative is scalable from 50 to 30,000+ regional airports globally. Initial funding is the only limit.



        • Example of a location and elements.
        • Building selection and renovation.
        • Location zones and scalability.
        • Humanitarian forgivable loans.
        • Sustainable residual revenue.
        • Beneficiaries of CAUSESynergy.

CAUSESynergy Locations are usually on, or very close to regional airports.

CAUSESynergy Location Example

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Many airports were built on farms and the original buildings are still there. Where there are no buildings directly on the airport, we use buildings in the closest town.

Airport Building Example Abandoned Building Example
Historic buildings are preferred and restored to original condition. Using only natural materials and sustainable methods. The work is given to local artisans and suppliers. Building selection and restoration is under the professional guidance of ArtAcadia.org.  Every CAUSESynergy Location includes a Heritage Consulate, promoting local culture.
Heritage Ambassadors

Click here for Google Earth place marks of selected locations.

We are identifying [Locations] [Airports] [Buildings] divided into zones:

We are starting with 50 locations in Zone A. Italy and then the United Kingdom & Ireland. Thereafter, the rest of the world. The speed of implementation depends on funding. The concept is modular and can consist of say ONLY a humanitarian clinic. Larger cites can have more than one CAUSESynergy location. The sky is the limit, depending on funds.


Humanitarian Forgivable Loans

We are pursuing the HLF channel, to get CAUSESynergy Locations established faster. The HFL funding goes directly to the airports, town councils and inhabitants concerned. The average capital cost to renovate and establish a functional CAUSESynergy Location is estimated at USD $5 Million, depending on location. All the loan assets are fixed and the loans guaranteed by the airports, towns, state and/or their bankers. For Zone A, we have direct access to the Italian government, to potentially guarantee all the Italian locations. Governments are eager to develop rural areas but funds are limited. They are receptive to the idea of CAUSESynergy. Especially due to the fact they don’t lose asset ownership.

The HFL money will be spent primarily on:

  • Historic building restoration projects.
  • Upgrading existing infrastructure.
  • Computers, IT and Networking.
  • Educational facilities and labs.
  • Medical equipment/supplies.
  • Dental hygiene laboratories.
  • Renewal energy equipment.
  • Water purification systems.
  • Biomass refuse incinerators.
  • Solar panels and heat pumps.

Note: Aircraft and movable assets are NOT included. We have NO intention to be an airline. Medevac flights will be outsourced to professional companies and flight sharing handled by Wingly.io and Coavmi.com Likewise, no scooters, bicycles nor cars to be purchased. These sundry services will be provided by Lime, Jump, Uber and others.


Generating Residual Revenue

Every location becomes self-sustaining and generates residual revenue going forward. Ubuntu Synergy already has a live network of 40 websites in operation. These websites are already generating residual income, using a revenue share business model, similar to Amazon. There is no spam, no hype, no mlm, no donations and no ads. Our products are memberships, downloads, courseware, business packs and services. All CAUSESynergy activities are designed to plough back into the local economy.

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Direct beneficiaries of the HFL

  • People living in underserved areas, from infants to the elderly.
  • Disadvantaged children, students and low-income families.
  • Local suppliers, artisans, workers and employment seekers.
  • Individuals intent on improving their lives and future prospects.

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  • This is a scope document. The details will be determined once the program offices are established.
  • The latest version of this document can be viewed here >> https://causesynergy.com/abstract/hfl/